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Abbi UmarHi, thanks for visiting this blog. As per this blog title: Abbi Umar Jobs, Projects and Notes, it is my personal blog to share about my jobs, my notes, and my projects both online and offline. My hope with this blog is that you, my friends, my clients, and my colleagues know more about me, my competencies and my capabilities.

I am currently working at the International Mining Company in Sorowako, South Sulawesi. The mining company named PT. International Nickel Tbk and better known as PT. INCO Tbk. As the name implies these companies are engaged in nickel mining and production. I served as a chemist and placed in the Laboratory and Sample House. I discuss about my offline jobs related to my roles on this blog in chemist jobs and chemist projects, which is some of my main tasks and role profiles are:

  1. Create or develop new analytical methods and standard work procedures.
  2. Conduct supervision and quality control test results in accordance with ISO 17025.
  3. Doing analysis instrument trouble shooting
  4. In cooperation with the head of the lab, piers, shift coordinator and analyst in the internal lab. And collaboration with engineers, instrument crew, maintenance crew, and other crew from external lab.

In addition to serving as a chemist, I am also a Radiation Protection Officer or Petugas Proteksi Radiasi (PPR) which are generally responsible for:

  1. Create or develop procedures for security and safety operation of equipment containing radioactive sources.
  2. Supervise for the security and safety of equipment containing radioactive sources operation.
  3. Manage for new or extended application of import permit, operational permit, transportation permit, from Nuclear Energy Regulatory Agency or Badan Pengawas Tenaga Atom Nasional (BAPETEN).
  4. Manage for operation, maintenance, and calibration of radiation measuring equipment such as survey meter, personal dosimeter, and film badges to the National Atomic Energy Agency or Badan Tenaga Atom Nasional  (BATAN).

This PPR tasks discussed in PPR jobs and PPR projects. Both the above offline tasks are still my main source of income today. Other offline jobs (such as trading, investing, mutual funds, stocks, and others) are discussed in offline jobs.

While online jobs and online projects discusses each of the work and projects that I created on the Internet. You can named it as a part-time blogger. I runs some blogs both in Bahasa and English. One of my blog in Bahasa is (TIPS SEO | REVIEW BLOG) which deals with SEO tips and also help friends to review their blog for free. If you interesting to reviewed by please read the T.O.S. and rules first, then contact me. Another blog of mine in bahasa is (Make Money Blogging). This blog discuss about blog tutorial of how to create a blog, how to promote blog, how to optimize blog, and how to monetize blog so you can make money blogging.

Beside blogs in Bahasa, I also have some English blogs for the monetization purpose through paid review, adsense and affiliate marketing.

I also worked with my fellow bloggers in for business of Making Blog Services that helps beginning bloggers to create a blog. Mostly of them are less able to rent own hosting, or less competence  to manage their own hosting, or do not understand about how to create a blog. With the price of $ 30/year, including domain name prices $ 10.69/year and hosting in, you can have a professional blog. I am in charge as technical manager in this business that manage the hosting, purchase domain, install wordpress blog, and help to set themes, blog design, selection of plugins, and other matters related to the blog creation.

If there is anything else you want to know more, please contact me through the contact me form.


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